How to have a successful cosmetic surgery?

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Nowadays with an increased value that people gives to their look, they try different ways to have a better look and a younger appearance. If you are seeking for some cosmetic surgeries and you want to achieve a good result, here we create a guideline for you. Follow it step by step to get the result that you want:

Determine your goal clearly:

 the first step is to know what you really want. The more specific you determine your request, the better your doctor can plan for you and can help you to get the result you want. The most important thing is that you need to be as realistic as possible. So that the surgical team can guide you to reach your goal. For example instead of just saying that I want a better look eyes, explain to your doctor that you need to remove the extra skin of your upper eyelid.

Let’s have a consultation with a person who is expert in this field:

 try to find a good doctor who is knowledgeable and also experienced in cosmetic surgery. It’s important that your doctor has seen many different cases. Also try to consult with the surgical assistant of your doctor to get his/her idea in different surgical process. These days with progression in cyberspace and different social networks you can easily get online consultation without any problem.You can find the best cosmetic surgeons by clicking on the link

Try to find an organ which can provide a comprehensive plan for you:


 when you decide to go for a cosmetic surgery you may have different needs including your drugs, the care that you may need after your surgery, nursing care, special cloths needed for your surgery and etc. also if you are travelling from another country or another city you may also need to have other facilities including hotel, transfer, food, translator and etc. finding a trustable organ that is consist of experienced doctors, nurses and assistants who can meet all your needs in different times and different position is really important and can help you to change your life in the best way without any concern.


Find suitable information:

 try to learn about the procedure you want to go for it to have a more realistic point of view about your surgery and the results. Also do not trust the information that does not have a suitable source. Try not to afraid of horror stories that celebrities explain about the surgery. Be realistic. Find suitable information and consult with experienced and knowledgeable people.

Think about your budget:

 plan your budget and go for your surgery. If you have limitation you can do some of your procedures and post-pone others for the time that you are able to pay. It’s also better to choose between the different packages that is provided for your surgery and try to choose the more suitable one. Talk with your provider to choose the best package which is in line with your budget.


Prepare yourself:

 try to prepare yourself for the surgery with the consultation of your provider. You may need some up to date blood tests or physical exams for your surgery. Avoid drugs which can increase the risk of bleeding like aspirin or ibuprofen and etc. try to stop smoking and limit the use of alcohol for a while. If you use any special drugs, consult with your doctor about the use of them. Try to wear comfortable and loose cloths. Prepare your home for your return.


Try to follow the instruction:

 before and after your surgery you will receive specific instructions that you need to follow them carefully for getting the result that you want. Home care instruction is important for your comfort and health and some of them are necessary in order to get your ideal result and avoid side effects and complications.

Be in contact after your surgery:

 when your surgery has been done try to have your regular appointment with your doctor. And if you are from other countries you can have your online visits with your doctor. After some weight loss surgery like gastric sleeve or gastric bypass you may need regular and annual blood tests and follow up of your weight and BMI to see if you are in right way. So when you return home do not lose your contact with your doctor.


Be patient:

 healing process after the surgery takes more time. In some cases you may need to wait 6-12 months to see your final result. It takes time for your body to loss edema. So be patient and realistic. It’s normal to have edema and bruising immediately after the surgery and until 2 months and even more after it.

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