New ways to Increase Telegram Members

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Increasing the members of the Telegram channel and group is the main goal of any admin. The more members your channel, the better your chances of attracting ads or advertising and generating revenue. In this article, we are going to introduce the guaranteed methods of increasing Telegram members (channel and group).



Introduction to increasing Telegram members


These days, Telegram is not just a hobby, it's a tool for making money and marketing online. Many people in Telegram form channels or groups and earn money by increasing its members. So in addition to being a source of revenue, Telegram has also become a resource for promoting the services, services and products of advertisers.


But how can we increase our Telegram channel members ? In this article, we are going to point out the guaranteed ways to increase Telegram membership.



Increase Telegram members by publishing proper content


The first thing that can be very effective in increasing the members of your channel or Telegram group is to produce the right content according to the needs and interests of users. The more up-to-date, engaging, and user friendly your content is, the more members will join your channel or group. So always try to identify the main purpose of your Telegram channel or group in terms of content and choose the best field or possible fields. This could greatly increase Telegram's members.


Another thing that can help promote your Telegram members and the type of content you publish is that you don't have to change the content of your channel. Try to choose the best possible subject from the beginning. In the future, as you expand your business, you can add new branches to this topic, but never change the main topic of your channel.



Increase Telegram members by creating a public channel


Since only Telegram's public channels are searchable and their creator can attach the desired name to its invitation link, one of the main conditions for increasing Telegram's members is that it be a public channel.

If you have a channel that is private and has been successful to some extent, don't worry. Telegram allows you to turn your private channel into a public channel.



Increase Telegram members by inviting to the initial 200 members of the channel


When you're building a telegram channel, you can add up to 200 members on your phone's contact list to the channel at the beginning. This is a great advantage that you should try to make the most of. So the first step is to think about increasing your channel or group subscribers and add as many members of your audience as you can.



Choose a Proper name and Link


The name of your channel and the phrase at the bottom of the invitation link can also play a very important role in increasing members. Of course, if you choose a name and a link that will be easier for users to remember, your chances of increasing your members will increase.



Insert channel address under each post


Try to attach a membership link to each post you publish on your channel or group. This is very effective in increasing Telegram's membership. By doing this, when your posts are forwarded by other users and reach other users, they can also be added to your channel or group through this link.



Increase Telegram members by improving the appearance of posts


This is a time consuming task, but rest assured that it will pay off. Try to publish your channel posts with a beautiful appearance as much as possible. For example, use glass buttons



Exchange Links


Link exchange is another very effective way you can use to increase your members. For example, imagine that your friend has a channel like yours. In this case, publishing a link to invite your channel to his channel can certainly be one of the best ways to increase your Telegram members.



Increase Telegram membership with ads


You can also increase the number of members of your channel or Telegram group by using different ads. Although this will be a bit costly, it is one of the most effective ways to increase your Telegram membership. To do this, you will not only be limited to advertising on other Telegram channels and groups, but you can also use different Internet sites to do so.



Interaction of admin and members


Always try to build your Telegram channel or group so that its members can contact you whenever they want and submit their comments and suggestions. This is one of the issues that will be very effective in maintaining the members of the channel and indirectly will lead to an increase in Telegram membership.


Increase Telegram members by creating challenges and awarding prizes


This method is one of the most effective methods or tricks to increase channel members and Telegram groups. Try to hold contests on your channel from time to time and give prizes to the winner of the challenge. It doesn't have to be a million-dollar prize! Rather, awarding a prize of a 100$ , can lead to the satisfaction of users and increase the number of members of your channel or group.



Continuing to publish posts


In order for your channel subscribers to be involved with its content, you should try to keep the channel posts published. Posting on the Telegram channel should not be done only in a certain period of time and at other times and when there is no news of posting! Try to keep the channel posts out of the ordinary.



Buy Telegram Members


Another method that is widely used these days to increase Telegram members is to buy telegram member.

As you can see, in this podcast, we have introduced the guaranteed ways to increase Telegram members. Visit Oxim website and choose the different packages to increase your channel members in


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