The best countries for student migration

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When it comes to immigration, people will have different choices and criteria for determining the most suitable place. Those who are looking to study after emigrating or intend to immigrate with the help of a student visa, in addition to the conditions of the host country, the quality of universities and places of study and the existing facilities are also very important to them. One of the countries that can provide good living conditions for you as an immigrant in addition to suitable educational facilities is the United States of America.

اپلای دانشگاه های برتر دنیا با آقای اپلای


 In these states, there are many high quality universities that accept foreign nationals with very good conditions and in addition to providing educational services and many facilities for living to people at low prices, of course, these services all depend on the academic level. And will have your abilities as a student. The University of Toronto and the University of Washington are two popular and high-end universities in the United States that can be a good destination for immigrant students. In the continuation of this text, we will talk more about these two universities and the admission conditions in them. Hope you find it useful.

اخذ ویزا تحصیلی دانشگاه پی اس ال با سر اپلای

 Admission to PSL University

Complete the registration form for the undergraduate degree and submit it to the university. Translate the previous degree, which is usually a pre-university degree, with transcripts. Also provide letters of recommendation and SOP for the university. You will need to obtain a language certificate upon request for some majors. In addition to the letter of recommendation and the SOP, you must provide a suitable resume for Universite PSL. In addition, for some disciplines, a GMAT or GRE score is considered. For the doctoral degree, all these cases are mentioned, plus the master's degree required by the university.

 دریافت بورسیه تحصیلی دانشگاه ملبورن در 

Free education at PSL University

To study for free at a French university, you must be a permanent resident of France. Of course, there is no need to worry and the cost of studying in French at a university like PSL is very low. But tuition fees in English at Universite PSL are much higher and you should be aware of this. The university also offers various scholarships to students, which in some cases cover all your expenses. Of course, studying in French at PSL University is much cheaper than studying English. For more information and how to get this type of scholarship, you should visit the main website of the university.


PSL University Scholarship Conditions

Scholarships at Universite PSL are awarded to the students of this university. Scholarships at this university are usually awarded to people who are pursuing a master's degree or intending to study. There is an Eiffel Scholarship at the University of PSL in Paris, which is open to applicants up to the age of 30. It is also awarded to doctoral applicants up to the age of 35. This scholarship is mostly for international students and developing countries. The scholarship provides approximately € 1,031 in housing allowance and € 150 in monthly assistance to students. These fees are for graduate students and doctoral fees vary. Universite PSL pays € 1,700 per month for PhD students, up to a maximum of one year. This scholarship also includes other items such as international travel, city and country transportation, insurance, all cultural activities, etc.

What is it like for students to be accepted to the University of Melbourne?

Many students are interested in choosing one of the best and most well-known universities in the world to continue their studies at higher levels. The University of Melbourne is one of the universities that many students are trying to get admission to at different stages. So the first step to enrolling at this university is to visit the University of Melbourne website at At any time you want to continue your studies at this university, you must have these documents to be accepted at the university.

Previous course qualifications

Minimum accepted grade point average for university admission

Minimum language test score

Get a minimum score of 430 on the SAT or a minimum score of 17 on the ACT test

  • After admission, you will have to teach a specialized language at this college because IELTS and TOEFL scores are not acceptable.
  • Your application will be registered through the official website of the University of Washington
  • Tuition fees will be higher for non-native students. Of course, scholarship facilities will also be granted to individuals due to their high grades during their studies and obtaining the title of Distinguished Student.


It is one of the most suitable and popular countries for student immigration in the United States, which has many diverse universities with acceptable admission requirements. The University of Washington and the University of Toronto are two high-level universities in the United States that can be a good destination for people with an acceptable academic level to study. By obtaining the necessary conditions that are specified in the official websites, you can register and study in them.

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