Buy home appliances in installments

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Installment purchase of home appliances has special conditions and these conditions vary according to the center that offers these facilities. But if you want to get acquainted with buying home appliances in installments, the procedure is as follows: First, according to the amount that the device has, an amount is considered as an advance payment. Buyers usually have to pay 10% of the amount of the appliances they choose. Then, according to the central policy that has offered to buy home appliances in installments, the installments will be paid in 5 or 10 installments. One of the most frequently asked questions is whether you should pay more than the original amount of home appliances in installment purchase of home appliances. The answer to this question is yes. Usually more than the amount of home appliances is paid unless the installments are paid ahead of time.

خرید اقساطی لوازم خانگی از آسان سنتر


خرید اقساطی تلویزیون از آسان سنتر

Buy dishwasher in installments

You can try several ways to buy a dishwasher in installments. One of these conditions is that you submit your application through the home appliance installment sales app. For example, in some of these stores and companies, you can get a loan up to a certain amount and buy a dishwasher in installments through these stores. For example, in one of these stores, you can receive a loan of up to 30 million Tomans and pay it up to a maximum of 24 months and check for your monthly payment. You can get your loan in these stores by providing a valid guarantor.

خرید اقساطی ماشین ظرفشویی از آسان سنتر


Buy TV in installments

In recent years, economic problems and sanctions have put a lot of pressure on people. For this reason, the demand for installment sales of home appliances increased day by day, until today, you can see the installment conditions in almost all stores. Of course, this type of sale is not very attractive for sellers in the current situation, because he, as a seller, is facing an increase in the price of the product every day and can not replace the sold product with a new product. However, due to declining demand, some sellers have been forced to accept installment sales.

How to buy the right TV?

For many of us, television is a multifunctional device. Watching programs from a variety of other channels is only one part of a TV's performance. Other uses include playing music, displaying photos and videos in memory, playing games, connecting to the Internet, and the ability to browse various applications. The new generation of smart TVs has been very effective in increasing these performance; But do you need all these features? of course not. So before buying a TV, it is better to check the following.


How big should your page be?

Screen size plays a key role in choosing a TV. Do you have enough space at home to use the big TVs? If the space is not large enough, buying a large TV will be detrimental to your eye health; But how do we know what size is right for our TV room? Read the answer to this question in the continuation of this text.


If your eye distance from the screen is between 355 and 400 cm, you can go for 42-inch TVs or more. 39-inch TVs are suitable for distances of 305 to 309 cm. A distance of 230 to 350 is more suitable for a 37-inch TV and for a distance of 205 to 300 is 32 inches. 26 and 22 inch TVs are suitable for 100 to 130 cm spaces.

Installment supplies without checks

In the process of buying home appliances in installments, it is usually necessary to check instead of the installments that have not been paid yet, or some of these centers announce that it is possible to sell home appliances in installments with promissory notes. But giving checks or promissory notes is not possible for everyone. Sometimes, depending on the strategies of some centers, buyers can no longer give checks or promissory notes to the business owner in exchange for introducing a valid guarantor, and buy home appliances in installments. It all depends on where you want to buy your product. So, if you want to buy home appliances in installments, it is better to ask all the terms in full and then proceed to purchase.

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