Why Should PCO Drivers Switch to Electric Vehicles?

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From the outside, it isn't easy to distinguish between the appearances of electric cars and typical cars. But we can distinguish it from the sounds they make while working. When we compare their environmental impact with classic cars, they show a very nature-friendly approach.

First, let's examine what electric cars are, which have not fallen off the agenda lately. Electric cars, in simple terms, are cars that run on electrical energy. Electrical energy is nature-friendly energy in terms of renewable energies. Electric vehicles operate without releasing any fossil fuels into the environment and without carbon emissions. There is no exhaust and no noise pollution in environmentally-friendly electric cars.

In electric cars, which get power from the engine of the electrical energy in the battery, not from the combustion of gasoline or diesel fuel; the electrical energy storage is for later use, the brake press.

What are the advantages of electric cars?

Since 2015, major automobile companies have focused their work on electric vehicles. You can opt for electric cars and purchase an environmentally friendly fuel-saving vehicle.

Environment friendly

The most significant difference between the gasoline and diesel vehicles we know is the working principle. These vehicles do not have a clutch, transmission, or exhaust pipe. Electric vehicles aim to reduce their carbon footprint and support this situation by not emitting exhaust emissions. Along with personal use, the return of company vehicles to electric vehicles is among the expected steps.

Pretty Enjoyable Driving

Comfort comes first in the list of advantages of electric vehicles. When you think of comfort, rapid speed change, fast response time, and quiet driving, electric cars are the perfect fit for you. The gravity center in these cars is low, which improves responsiveness, handling, and driving comfort, producing instant torque for PCO drivers. In this way, they can accelerate and slow down much more quickly than other cars.

Low Fuel Cost

The first thing we think about before replacing the cars is how much it costs to fuel? Electric vehicles save 75 percent compared to the fuel in conventional vehicles in terms of charging costs. The increase in charging stations can be observed more clearly in recent years. Moreover, the developing technology in this field signals that there will be revolutionary developments in charging types and units.

Low Maintenance Cost

We know that conventional cars have internal combustion engines. Before moving from these vehicles, a complex system was necessary to convert the burning fuel into energy. For this reason, there were many components like oil and filters that were at risk of failure and needed replacement. Compared to these cars, electric vehicles run directly from the battery.

What are the disadvantages of Electric Cars?

Although electric vehicles are frequent in the market, the development process continues. Therefore, there are still some disadvantages in today's technology conditions for PCO drivers and everyone.

Why Should PCO Drivers Switch to Electric Vehicles?

High Price

The recent hikes in vehicles are disappointing for those who want to own a vehicle. Unfortunately, electric vehicles, which have higher prices compared to other cars, also become disadvantageous considering their prices. With the developing technology, the cost of batteries and charging stations for electric vehicles is decreasing every year. This issue creates an expectation for PCO drivers that the price difference between other vehicles and electric vehicles will fall.

Uncertain Market Conditions

Another disadvantage of electric vehicles is the possibility of selling second-hand. Second-hand sales of EVs are uncertain. But on the other hand, a new electric vehicle model and battery concept emerge every year. Since they contain more advanced technologies compared to the previous year, it is preferable for PCO drivers to rent rather than buy in this process.

Long Charging Time

Electric Vehicles' charging times and ranges are among the most frequently asked questions when hiring these vehicles. Electric vehicles can go long range when fully charged. In other words, electric cars can cover the equivalent kilometers of conventional vehicles. Some of them can travel more distances using less energy than some internal combustion engine vehicles.

What are the features that make electric cars different from others?

An all-electric car is a type of car that combines one or more electric motors with a battery. Moreover, there is no gasoline or diesel engine on it. It provides extra battery life compared to other types. Despite the coronavirus, this vehicle sold much more than last year and will probably be the cars we come across most soon. Electric vehicles are not just about Tesla; many automakers turn to this sector over time, which can be a good sample for PCO drivers and PCO rental companies.

What are the Different Types of Electric Vehicles?

Electric motors can drive a self-charging car, although compatible with an internal combustion engine. Since their batteries are pretty powerful, they can only go a kilometer or two on electricity. The vehicle converts the kinetic energy generated during braking into electrical power. The primary purpose of this kind of full hybrid car is the same as the others, to bring the emission values to acceptable levels and to save fuel.

Plug-In Hybrid (PHEV) cars, which have much larger batteries compared to the storms of total hybrid vehicles, naturally give the chance of more range. And it is also an advantage that the internal combustion engine is active during your long journeys. With significantly increased zero-emission ranges, you can travel around the city while protecting the future of the world, and on top of that, you can save fuel.

Mild Hybrid Cars (MHEV) provide the least electrification compared to others. The small electric motor connects directly to the engine or transmission and works similarly to a turbocharger. This type, which does not make a noticeable difference in the driving experience, also stands out by increasing the life of the internal combustion engines.

Fuel Cell Cars (FCEV) are also under electric car types because they work with electric motors. The gas combines and reacts with the oxygen from the air. Among its advantages over purely electric cars is that the gas chamber is much lighter than a battery.

As you can imagine, hydrogen production requires a large amount of electrical energy, and in addition, bringing hydrogen from the production plant to the gas stations is another disadvantage.

How to Charge an Electric Car?

If you are a PCO driver, you are right to think about charging your rental PCO electric car using an outlet in your workplace or your hotel. You can reach full charge overnight. But for this, you have to use the alternating current supply method. You can charge it in a shorter time at the charging stations on the roads and streets. You need to set your car battery before it drops below 20 percent.

Why Are Hiring Electric Cars More Advantageous?

We mentioned that electric cars are exceptionally environmentally friendly. These new generation cars will suit you well both in the city and outside the city with their low budget use. Electric vehicles, which leave waste gas emissions in the past, promise a fast and quiet benefit. Its engine, which is more durable than internal combustion engines, consists of a single part.

Everyone has accepted that electric vehicles are a technology of the future. Therefore, while General Motors aims to make all its vehicles electric in 2035, Ford in 2030, Opel predicts to sell only electric cars in Europe by 2028, and VW expects that 70 percent of its sales will be electric cars by 2030. For this reason, we felt the need to prepare a list of electric vehicles today. However, it is reasonable to think twice about switching the PCO cars to electric choices. Also, it is good advice for PCO drivers to start experiencing electric vehicles by hiring them from companies like GM Direct when they are in London.

Where do rental companies stand?

We are witnessing that many rental companies worldwide are announcing their intention to switch to pure electric vehicles in the foreseeable future.

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